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What's New With Progressive Auto?

Progressive is making some changes to their auto policy format. This is referred to as Progressive Auto 8.7. It is important to note that these changes went into effect Friday, May 7th for NEW auto policies only. However, if you currently have your auto insurance written through Progressive these changes will go into effect when you renew your policy. These changes are minor and should not affect your premium amount.

progressive auto insurance

Progressive is expanding the period in which they allow clients to pay their renewal premium. Clients will now have 90 days to get their renewal paid instead of the original 30 days. However, payments made after the renewal date could have a higher premium depending on the length of the lapse. The longer the lapse period the more the price can increase. Failure to make a payment within that 90-day period will result in cancellation of your coverage.

Policy holders will now have to list ALL residents ages 15+ on their policy. This is due to unlisted drivers presenting a significant amount of risk. Nearly 10% of collision claims involve unlisted drivers. The list of household members that must be added include: Roommates, live-In boyfriends/ girlfriends, permit drivers, etc. IF they have been in the household for 6 months or more. They will need to be added regardless of their own auto coverage, but the driver can be excluded from the policy. NOT: Excluding a driver could cause a sur-charge (change in rate). Progressive will be sending out memos at the time of your policy renewal inquiring about potential changes that need to be made to your policy.

This policy reform does not affect short-term vehicle sharing. This will stay the same unless the driver at fault has been in the household for 6 months and is not listed on the policy.

Progressive is also making a change to trailer policies. It is now unacceptable to have a trailer of any kind on an auto policy. If you currently have a trailer on your auto policy, it will be insured until that policy renews but no new trailers can be added. Upon renewal it will then need to be written under a Special Lines- Travel Trailer policy. The reasoning behind this is simply to give trailer owners better coverage for their belongings.

Sometimes change can be stressful. Progressive is making these changes to give their customers the best possible coverage. If you have further questions regarding your Progressive Auto policy, please contact us.



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