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Saving Money On Your Auto Premium

Every insurance carrier has a plethora of discounts that they offer. One discount is a Telematics Program, and here is the good news: every insurance carrier it. What is a telematics program? It is typically an app on your phone or a device that plugs in to your car that monitors your driving. Often referred to as usage-based insurance, meaning, you pay for how you drive OR how often you drive. You may have heard of some of the more popular telematics programs such as Snapshot with Progressive, or RightTrack with Safeco. Regardless if you have heard of it or not, it is most likely your insurance provider offers telematics program and that it WILL save you money. Here is your guide to Telematics based on your insurance carrier.

save money on auto insurance

Progressive Insurance: Snapshot

Progressive’s Snapshot program offers both a mobile app and a plug-in device that goes underneath your steering wheel. Regardless of which you choose, you drive with this program for the first 6 months of your auto policy or renewal. With the app, the driver will be provided with specific trip information. This includes where you break hard, accelerate, use your cellphone, and provides tips on how to improve your driving. The app only tracks the trips that YOU drive. The plug-in device works a little differently. It uses a beeping system for when you break hard an accelerate. The fewer the beeps, the greater the discount. The plug-in device also has an app, or you can track your trips on With the Progressive Snapshot program, you can save $37 when you sign up for the program and $145 upon program completion after 6 months.

Safeco Insurance: RightTrack

Safeco Insurance offers the RighTrack program, which offers clients the app or plug-in as well. The great thing about RightTrack is that you are guaranteed to save anywhere from 5-30% solely for participating. It is preferred that you sign up for RightTrack with a new auto policy or renewal, but it is important to note that you can opt-in and start saving at any point. This program differs from Progressive’s Snapshot because it only lasts for ninety days as opposed to 6 months. Safeco will ship you the device and you save money depending on how well and when you drive. It is suggested that the driver avoids trips between the hours of 12 am and 4 am. Once opted into the app program, you will download it from the iTunes store or Google app store. With the app, drivers using RightTrack can save up to $513 a year. Some tips to save extra money on your premium amount include encouraging all drivers on your policy to participate in the RighTrack program, and actively check the Trips Maps to positively affect your discount.

Travelers Insurance: IntelliDrive

IntelliDrive with Travelers Insurance is a different from Progressive and Safeco due to only offering an app and not the plug-in device. This is also a ninety-day program which you are rated and discounted upon completion. There are multiple factors that are measured throughout these ninety days. Time of day in which you drive, acceleration, and breaking are among the common things being on the monitored on your drive. Distractions also play a big role with this specific telematics program. Travelers Insurance suggests avoiding hand-held calls, texting, along with any other physical interaction will help with your auto premium rates. For more information regarding IntelliDrive visit

Nationwide Insurance: SmartRide

Nationwide’s Telematics program, SmartRide offers both the mobile app and the plug-in device for whichever you prefer. This program lasts anywhere from 4 to 6 months. After downloading the app and registering for the program, all drivers are asked to confirm their first few trips. The app has a progress tracker that is always available to check in and see how you are driving and how that is affecting your discount. The final discount is calculated once the 4-6-month period has successfully been completed then applied upon policy renewal. The device is not so immediate. It is sent within ten days of opting into this program. After it is installed in the vehicle, drive as normal and track your progress online. The discount application is the same as it for the app, it is applied once the program is completed. The four main driving components that are monitored include number of miles driven, breaking/acceleration, idle time (amount of time that a driver is stopped), nighttime driving (12 am to 5 am). Participants with receive an initial 10% after signing up and could save up to 40% on their annual premium. For more information, please visit:

Encompass Insurance: Connected Driver

Encompass’ telematics program strictly uses the app called Routely. This app works like most of the other apps, monitoring your trips, speed, breaking, etc. There is a policy-level discount applied to all participants policy when first enrolled. As with any of the telematics programs, let us know when you and the drivers on your auto policy are ready to be opted in and we will help you on that end. With Connected Driver, you will be given an activation code in initiate your account with the app. It is important to note that the app only works with more recently updated phones. Think: iPhone 6 and so on. The rating process begins as soon as you are opted in. The discount will be applied to the renewal if the driver(s) tracked trips for at least 60 days prior to their renewal. If the minimum of 60 trips is not completed by any driver on the policy, the discount will be dropped.

State Auto: 360 Telematics

360 Telematics with State Auto has a great discount with an initial 10% upon registration and 50% upon completion- one of the higher percentages. This program works a little different by using both an app and a device called a tag simultaneously. The tag is a little chip that sticks to your windshield and through Bluetooth transfers all of your driving data to the State Auto Safety 360 app. Your driving will be monitored based on a score given based off your driving habits and behaviors. 360 Telematics also picks up any accident you may be in and provides immediate help with towing and claim inquiries. For more information on this program please visit:

Regardless of who your auto carrier is and what their telematics program entails, enrolling or getting opted-in to one is a great way to take control over your auto premium and save some money. We are here to make the process as seamless as possible. If you are interested in opting in, give us a call at 417-882-8055 or shoot us an email at Please feel free to reach out if your auto insurance carrier was not listed or for any further questions.


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