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April Showers...

Yes, they may bring those welcome May flowers, but in the Ozarks they often carry storms and sometimes home damage with them. Wind, hail and water-related weather damage account for more than 50% of all homeowners' claims, according to a national study published last year by Loveland Insurance's provider partner Travelers. The study also noted that although hail was only responsible for 15% of all overall claims in the U.S., here in Midwest it packs the costliest punch in terms of homeowner damage.

home owners insurance tips

While you're waiting for those May flowers to bloom, there are several steps you can take to minimize damage to your home in the event of severe Spring storms.


As the leaves return, limbs and branches that have died during the winter become hazards to roofs and exteriors. Have a certified arborist check your trees before the first storms remove or trim and branches that could land on your home in high winds. Experts say 10 feet is a safe radius to keep trees away from houses. Make sure that any arborist you hire is fully licensed, bonded and insured. If you need a referral, Loveland Insurance has relationships with preferred tree experts.


Winter ice is a primary cause of gutter problems, and improperly draining gutters can cause significant exterior and interior damage. Clean them to remove leaves and other debris, and inspect them carefully while you're doing it. The best way to find gutter issues is to take a walk around your house while it's raining – Drips, streams or outright spillovers indicate damage and should be repaired ASAP.


We seem to have missed most of the snow and ice this winter (knock on wood), but there were several wind warnings. High winds can dislodge shingles or tiles, impacting roof integrity and opening you up for attic, crawlspace or interior ceiling damage. Repair or replace any missing pieces, and check your chimney cap and flashing.

These tips and other are included in a Spring Maintenance Checklist published on To make sure your home is covered for all the possible curve balls Mother Nature may throw at you this Spring, contact Scott or any of our other professionals at Loveland Insurance.


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