At Scott Loveland Insurance, we are aware of the concerns that our clients may have while preparing or saving for retirement. Our goal is to instill comfort amongst those gearing up for this life event by providing proper resources for a comfortable retirement. We have teamed up with Wealth Management in a Box™ developed by Beacon Retirement Planning Group to help clients meet their retirement goals. 

Wealth Management in a Box™ offers nearly fifteen different services to establish a solid retirement. These services range from Asset Protection to Legacy Planning to 401(k) rollovers. All of which is provided to develop a personalized retirement plan for the next phase of our client’s lives. 

If you are in need financial planning assistance, please contact our team at Scott Loveland Insurance for more information on Wealth Management in a Box™.

How Our Agency Can Help You:

Collective Services from Wealth Management in a Box™ include:

Asset Protection. Retirement income planning.

401(k) rollovers.

403(b) planning.

Estate planning.

Investment management.

IRA rollovers.

Legacy planning.

Life insurance and annuities.

Long-term care.

Medicare planning.

Small business owner leverage planning.

Social Security maximization.

Tax planning.

Tax-efficient strategies for individuals.