Auto Dealers Insurance

As an auto dealer, you are aware of the risks. The heart of your business can be very vulnerable as your products sit open in car lots, showrooms, etc. 

What we would like to know is whether or not your current auto dealers insurance policy takes all of this open exposure in to account. Being in this business comes with a lot of responsibility and liability. 

If you feel as though you are not properly protected by your current policy, we can help enhance your protection experience. We keep every aspect of your business in mind when building your policy to ensure perfect, comprehensive coverage. Please know that you can trust us to give you the best protection for your dealership. 

What does the policy cover?

A comprehensive auto dealers insurance policy can include coverage, such as:

  • Property damage and bodily injury
  • Garage keepers
  • Garage-owned autos 
  • Hired autos
  • Non-owned autos
  • Temporary substitute autos
  • Newly acquired autos

Optional Coverage

We also offer your business more complete coverage at great rates, including:

  • Defective Product and Faulty Work Coverage 
  • Customer Autos Actual Loss Sustained


Concerned about the cost?

Do not be worried about the affordability. We want everyone to have the best coverage at a comfortable price. We offer protection to both new and used car dealerships and have developed an affordable way to lessen the risk often associated with auto sale businesses.